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We, Make in India!

We are proud to be Indians and our endeavour is to make world-quality products and create employment opportunities for our fellow citizens. We do not indulge in ‘screwdriver technology’, i.e., we don’t merely put-together imported knocked-down kits in an assembling unit, and brand it as made in India. We manufacture in a full-fledged facility that develops even the moulds for main & secondary plastic frames, using plastic granules in hi-tech injection moulding machines. Besides world-class clean-rooms, make-lines, testing and therefore QC.


Best in Class Backlight Unit (BLU)

The 80cm (32) Wybor televisions have luminance of 24-LEDs, that are top order in the market today, and therefore delivers images that are pleasing to the eye and give you an experience that’s as real as possible in today’s world.


Leading Display Systems

Like most global brands, we too procure components from world’s top suppliers. We deploy one of the world-leading display units among some other components, alongside parts and components from India in our televisions, so that you have only the best.


Easy to Track (with Serial #)

Just in case there is need for you to call for some service, the product serial number enables us track your television. Its unique number gives us details of components that went into it, such that we can act faster than otherwise and updating you accordingly.


Voltage Fluctuation Protector

If one were born and brought up in India, is likely to be familiar with ‘fluctuations’ of voltage, especially up-country. Things are changing fast in our country, we have however developed circuitry that enables the television sets withstand these anomalies should they arise.


Buy from Home

The country is moving towards greater convenience for the consuming community, and more importantly towards digital means even for smallest needs. Owning one of our televisions is simple and can be done from the comforts of your home. There are more than singular options of buying from and a whole range of models to select from.

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