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Wybor makes Smart, Internet Enabled, UHD, Full HD and HD Ready LED TV in 32 (80cm), 40 (102cm), 48 (122cm), 55 (140cm), 65 (165cm), among others.

Wybor, a young brand of LED TV, but an old hand at end-to-end manufacturing in consumer electronics. Wybor uses components sourced from the world’s top suppliers to make a wide range of LED televisions at its comprehensive facilities near India’s capital.


The beginning, in 1977, was exceptionally humble a 60 sq. ft. workshop in Delhi’s Bali Nagar area – set up by brothers Manjeet Singh Malhotra, Tajinder Pal Singh Malhotra and Ravinder Singh Malhotra, manufacturing voltage stabilisers, taking them to retail stores on their bicycles.

Between the three of them, they were designers, technicians, salesmen, accountants, service-engineers, proprietors and everything else to the business.

This indigenous drive of 40-years has today landed us in a position of unique strength – a combination of domain expertise and comprehensive back-end integration of manufacturing capabilities.

Two things however haven’t changed despite the massive change in scale-of-operation – our commitment to quality in each and every unit that bears our name, and the pride of being thoroughly Indian manufacturing company.

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