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Manjeet Singh Malhotra (Founder)

“Eldest of the three brothers, he has not only been the family head but also the one who showed the way for the rest to follow. A thorough gentleman who believes in giving back to the community, for everything he feels it has given him. He still oversees the business as a member of the Board of Directors.”


Tajinder Pal Singh Malhotra (Founder)

“Consumer Electronic market is very large & growing steadily in India. It is a price sensitive market but people are increasingly open-minded & wanting to adopt new technologies & innovations.

Our motivation is to keep ensuring, the varied set of consumers in India
are given access to best possible technology.
They deserve it!”


Ravinder Singh Malhotra (Founder & CMD)

“Over the years we have seen the industry & technology evolve And by grace of God, we’ve managed to keep pace with it.

Today, we have unparalleled capabilities with full-backward integration.
The cornerstone of our business practice has been good behavior & transparency.

We concentrate on making LED televisions ONLY.
We have become LED TV Specialists.”


Gurpreet Singh Malhotra (Director, Sales)

“Everyone imbibes lessons from growing-up years, importance of hard-work & honesty was drilled into us.

And we grew up in a God fearing family. Everything we have done has had customer satisfaction at the heart. Be it new products, innovations, offering post-sales service. From the days our company made a humble beginning, we’ve never stopped dreaming of doing and making things that take our customers, partners and us forward and higher.”


Amanpreet Singh Malhotra (Director, Operations)

“Ours is a truly integrated operation – we procure raw material or parts from the best in the world, irrespective of where they might be located. And we are fully equipped – man, machine, material to built quality products. We have the wherewithal of building a spectrum of sizes and features, simultaneously.

Not just the knowledge and experience, we have the physical capacity and capabilities to deliver large nos.

We are ably supported by an array of partners who ensure our logistics remain efficient at all times.”


Gagan Preet Singh Malhotra (Director, Development & SCM)

“Being closely related meant – Teamwork came to us naturally, but we have extended that truly across the board. With our business partners – across national borders – our R&D team – our technicians and every employee. We couldn’t have been efficient without this teamwork”

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